Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Corvus - The Comfort of Home

My rating: 11/10

The best part about the album is the vocal range. High screams, Low Screams, Mid screams, the clean vocals hit highs lows and mids as well. Usually if I anticipate and album it tends to disappoint. I first heard Fragile Moments and I never thought that this would compare, I was wrong. It was equally as catchy. The lyrics really hit home. I can connect to what they are saying. I can feel the emotion put behind each word. This is the best metal album since Fragile Moments, scratch that, it is the best album since Fragile Moments. If you like a variety of sounds for the albums. All in all the instruments mesh with the vocals perfectly. Give it a listen, if you like it Buy it! I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

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  1. You're way too kind my friend! We're glad you came across our music and decided to hit us up. We love our fans, so if any new ones are out there lurking, be sure to talk to us. We always have time for you!